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V. ReadusRedLight Readings

I just want to give a standing ovation for and 2 encores to Lexi D'Angelo and all of the amazing humans behind the scenes of Tabwoo! I am reading the Learn Spellbook of ITR and I am completely blown away by the depth of information and the accuracy of the Tabwootypes! I mean, the whole damn experience is awesome, but this is some "next-level" understanding of self!!! I am SO glad I took the leap to join!

Kaye PutnamPsychology-driven Brand Strategist

I am Type A, I like to see a structure, I like being scientific and some of these things if you would have told me about them before I experienced them for myself, I would have never believed that this type of transformation was available and possible in such a short period of time. So, I'm so so excited that we got to learn them here. As a part of this overall program, I just had the biggest launch that I've ever had I welcomed 60 new students into a program that I conceptualized and built while I was in this program here, with Lexi.  I've lost 20 lbs in 3 months, had my biggest month ever ($50k!), made business besties and experienced being a part of a supportive community.

Meghan BonhommeLovely Human School

Becoming a Tabwoo student was definitely one of the roses of the year; it has brought me sooo many new ways of thinking, being, and serving; and I've met seriously the best people. I want to say a very big thank you to Vicki Reisima for her leadership as my TG. Your ability to hold space and create community that feels safe and stretchy (aka challenging) has helped me rise to my potential. Thank you for showing how to stand in power, humility, and humour.

Christine ReneeReiki Cafe University

My biggest win inside the Tabwoo Certification was getting confidence and support to create my signature certification program. By understanding my strengths and weaknesses, I was able to delegate tasks to a team and work within my Zone of Magic to beautifully design my unique program, and sell with ease, and had my first $35K launch with 9 students! I love the Tabwoo Team and my TG who continously provided support and guidance.